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MG-SOFT Corporation, established in March 1990, is the world's leading supplier of NETCONF, YANG, SNMP, SMI and other network management applications, products, toolkits, technologies and turn-key solutions.

Our more than thirty years long professional experience in the network management area is a solid warranty that we deliver only products and solutions incorporating the latest available technologies and industry standards, which we made accessible through the most intuitive and customer proven graphical user interfaces. We deliver cost-effective, comprehensive, extreme-performance, robust and feature-rich products and solutions.

We offer a whole range of market recognized products . . .

Latest news from MG-SOFT Corporation

  • NETCONF & YANG Tools
    NETCONF Browser for reading configurations from NETCONF devices, modifying and applying configurations.
    Visual YANG Designer for designing and editing YANG module definition files in an user friendly visual manner.
    YANG Explorer is a powerful and intuitive application for viewing, exploring and comparing the contents of YIN and YANG modules.
    NETCONF Simulator simulates several independent NETCONF devices on one computer. It supports both NETCONF protocols, Ver. 1.1 and Ver. 1.0.
    NETCONF/YANG Python Scripting System with fully automated network configuration tasks, including automated testing.
  • Net Inspector
    Fault and performance management, including SNMP, WMI, VMware & Hyper-V, QoS, notifications, intelligent alarm management, ...
    Intuitive web based user interface with configurable dashboards, reports, maps and pdf exports.
    Automatically discovers, displays and updates network topology (layer 2 and layer 3) including innovative presentation with drill-down capabilities.
    Extension and integration capabilities.
    Online demo
  • MIB Browser Professional Edition
    Supports atomic SNMP operations (get, getNext, getBulk, Set, Trap, Inform) as well as complex SNMP operations (SNMP walk, table view, multiple varbind operations,...).
    Flexible and robust application design. Intuitive and easy to use user interface incorporating the latest industry trends in the user interface design.
    Loads MIB files, navigates through MIB Tree, resolves retrieved values through loaded MIB definitions.
    Remote SNMP agent discovery; built-in SNMP agent simulator; performing multiple operations; SNMP Trace,...
  • Trap Ringer Professional Edition
    Extreme performance, advanced notification filtering, processing and reporting, notification forwarding, dispatching alarms via e-mail and SMS messages,...
    Support for diverse SNMP notification monitoring and user-notifying options. Support for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
    Forwarding received notifications as SNMP notifications and/or e-mail messages and/or SMS messages,...
    Running natively on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris operating systems.
  • SNMP Agent Simulator for Windows
    Simulates thousands of SNMP-manageable network devices, either on single PC computer or in an environment distributed over several PC computers.
    Each simlated SNMP agent can bind to a selected IP (IPv4 or IPv6) address and port number, and it can support its own set of SNMP acess settings and implemented OID variables (MIB modules).
    Powerful tools for configuring contents in simulated SNMP agents through taking snapshots of any live SNMP agent or directly from MIB files. Supporting templates for sedning notifications).
  • Visual MIB Builder
    Designing and editing MIB module definition files in a visual manner, by MIB objects by dragging required types of MIB nodes from the SMI Components window to the desired positions in the MIB tree and assigning their properties
    Integrated SNMP Table editor, including convenient interface for assigning SNMP table indexes.
    Comprehensive interface for assigning SYNTAX clause properties to MIB objects.
    SMI consistency wizard, Revision control framework,...
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Products & Services

MG-SOFT Corporation provides major IT companies, numerous government agencies as well as numerous universities and other institutions worldwide with a wide range of network management applications, from simple tools to robust enterprise level network management systems supporting all applicable industry standards. Besides, we offer NETCONF and YANG applications and tools, SMI and MIB applications and tools, SNMP agents and simulators, as well as SNMP software development toolkits providing core network management technologies.

Furthermore, MG-SOFT Corporation provides customers with consulting services, custom software development services and network management integration solutions based on our vast experience in SNMP, SMI and network management fields, . . .

Download the most popular products

MIB Browser Pro (w. MIB Compiler, MIB Builder, MIB Explorer)
Windows | Linux | Mac OS X | Solaris
NetConf/Yang Tools
Java applications running on Windows, Linux & Mac OS X
Net Inspector
Windows | Linux
Agent Simulator
Trap Ringer Pro
Windows | Linux | Mac OS X | Solaris
SNMP Software Development Lab
Windows | Linux | Mac OS X | Solaris
SNMP Master Agent